Conference Room 1 (Hyde Hotel)

Conference Room 1

Hyde Hotel

13 London Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005
Edrich de Lange (ZANOG)

ZANOG is happy to announce WCNOG-3

Thanks to Workonline for sponsoring this event. Sponsorship continues to allow this event to be free of charge

It will take place at The Hyde Hotel on 26 September 2019

We will be having the usual evening talks followed by drinks, snacks and social networking.

Talks will start at 19h00 but we encourage arrivals from 18h30 for a bit of mingling pre the event.


  • Al Harding
  • Andre van Rooyen
  • Andrew Owens
  • Ashraf Ismail
  • Ben Maddison
  • Carl Fayolle
  • Corne Rossouw
  • Corne Wessels
  • Daniel Odhiambo
  • Daniel Shaw
  • Derrick Harrison
  • Diederik van der Eems
  • Eben Erasmus
  • Edrich de Lange
  • Faizel Ismail
  • Godknows Musara
  • Hanno Gerber
  • Imtiyaz Sungay
  • Jason How-Kow
  • Joe Botha
  • Johan Meiring
  • Jyri Hamalainen
  • Lourens Fourie
  • Mahlubandile Ntshoko Ntshoko
  • Malcolm Siegel
  • Matthew Lubbe
  • Michelle Bainbridge
  • Nizam Ismail
  • Paul McMaster
  • Paul Wollner
  • Pierre Bester
  • Ross Barnes
  • samkelo Ndlovu
  • Sean Botes
  • Shaun Courtney
  • Shawn Jooste
  • Tesfu Okebalidet
  • Toni Kalombo
  • Trevor Damster
  • Warwick Duncan
  • Wiehan John Moller
    • 19:05 19:25
      A Slice of Time 20m

      (A Raspberry Pi Stratum-1 NTP Build)

      Why build a such a thing? Mostly, because I can. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a mini Linux server that includes it's own GPS and produces super-accurate time? Well, probably a lot of folks, but I'm not one of them.

      This talk will run through a recent re-build of a Stratum-1 NTP system on an old Raspberry Pi 1B. This will be largely focused on the practical steps of this build, the choices made along the way and technologies, tools and code used. Areas that we'll touch on are NTP generally (doh!), small Linux distros, ARM and IoT, cross-compiling (using docker, on a Mac), Raspberry Pi hardware (and GPS add-ons), and even a tiny touch of case modification.

      Speaker: Daniel Shaw
    • 19:35 19:55
      RPKI and its current state in ZA 20m

      RPKI is hot on everyone's lips at the moment. Sometimes for the right and wrong reasons. In this talk Edrich will give a briekf overview of what is happening w.r.t RPKI in South Africa presently.

      Speaker: Edrich de Lange (ZANOG)