Point Yacht Club Meeting Room

Point Yacht Club Meeting Room


ZANOG is happy to announce our first regional NOG of 2023 in Durban, South Africa.

ZANOG is an in person only event and will take place on Thursday 26 January 2023 @ Point Yacht Club. Durban, South Africa

Talk1 - How to avoid fines and jail time: A beginners guide for ISPs - Ant Brooks

This talk is around the FPB process so if you have any questions this would a good event to get up to speed on what needs to happen.

Talk2 - Broad-Spectrum Approaches for Internet Service Providers and
Community Networks. - Nathi Mbele

The focus of the talk will be on the importance of enabling access to
affordable and reliable services in the rural areas. Nathi will briefly share
how the Spectrum Switch is helping service providers utilise the currently
under/unused spectrum to low the cost of deployment in Africa. This includes TV White Space.


We will be having the usual evening talks, followed by drinks, snacks and social networking.

Talks will start at 18h30, but we encourage arrivals from 18h00 for a bit of mingling, pre the event.

Sponsorship of this event by flexoptix allow this event to be free of charge.

The agenda of this meeting is empty